Insurance agency

We propose optimal insurance policies and get burdensome procedures done for you.

Selecting the optimal one from various insurance products and doing routine insurance management work can be very burdensome and require expert knowledge.

An insurance agent serves as an intermediary between an insurance company and a customer in getting this burdensome work done.

【Our strengths】
We have insurance agency contracts with major domestic non-life insurance companies and sell non-life insurance policies, mainly auto insurances and auto liability insurances.

We deal with various corporate fleet contracts and, by leveraging the accumulated know-how, propose optimal insurance plans for customers.

SMA Support is certified as a High Grade Agent, the highest rank in the industry.

Accident support

Reliable support from accident response to resolution in case of accident

If a traffic accident occurs, a quick accident response is needed, with the top priority on safety.
Typically, it is necessary to determine an optimal response taking various factors into consideration, which requires expert knowledge and experience.
Our accident support service helps you solve these problems.

【Our strengths】
If a traffic accident occurs, we provide a range of services from an accident response to reliable professional advice on the resolution of the accident, with the top priority on your safety.

Based on the terms of your insurance contract, we work with your insurance company for a quick, amicable resolution of the accident. Our accident handling service is highly reputed.

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Risk management solution (RMS)

Towards zero traffic accidents

To meet the customer need to reduce traffic accidents, we offer high-quality services by utilizing practical accident reduction tools including consulting and safe driving lectures.

By supporting your safe driving management, we help you reduce risks and enhance the value of your company. Also, reductions in insurance premiums and accident handling expenses contribute to saving vehicle-related costs.

【Our strengths】
Examples of traffic accident reduction and prevention programs
① Diagnosis and analysis: Safe driving management system diagnosis and accident situation analysis
② Prevention: Email newsletters, safe driving lectures (outdoor training using actual vehicles and indoor lectures) and e-learning
③ Measures: Driving aptitude test, telematics service and dashboard camera video analysis service

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